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better earth


We only have one earth and our mission is simple, protect her. We know organic t-shirts seem small, but all it takes is one. One person to start changing and create that chain effect. One person throws away about 80 pounds of used clothing per year. That’s 7.8 billion x 80, you can do the math. It’s a lot. The average person purchases 64-68 new articles of clothing a year, half of which get worn 3 times or less because it goes out of style and something else is in the “new”. This is attributed to a new manufacturing style called “fast-fashion” that has companies’ delivery new styles or garments almost every day.


Coming out with new garment’s isn’t the harmful part, it’s the production that is harming our planet. So much is being produced as a result of “fast fashion”. These companies constantly release new and in style clothing that are also super cheap, the only issue here is that jacket that looks good on the gram used 10,330 liters of drinking water. If you’re wondering, that’s 2728.89 gallons, still to big? Daily intake is recommended at 3.7 liters (men), 2.7 liters(women) or 15 cups/11 cups respectively. So how much water a man should be drinking in 7 years and women in 10 years is used to make one piece of clothing that cost you $30 at H&M or Zara. Not to mention the social cost, unsafe working conditions, long hours, cheap pay, and the amount of plastic that’s in those articles of clothing.


But “I donate my clothing back to H&M for that 15% discount!” That perception of sustainability is a trick or a marketing tactic to get you to buy more. Ever heard of customer lifetime value? It’s one way to get you to increase your lifetime value with the brand.


Now after this guilt trip that you must be feeling, I want to tell you don’t. It’s okay to love to shop the latest trends, but let’s do it less often and make an effort to reduce our carbon footprint. Buy longer lasting clothing that won’t go out of fashion in 2-3 weeks. 


There are a lot of problems with our world and if one person tried to tackle them all, that would be hard. So, we picked one to focus on, what we wear every day, clothing. We are supporting sustainable clothing and ethically produced clothing. By making this small change in our shopping habit we can start working towards a greener planet. You’ll find that our clothing is very minimalistic because we don’t go out of style. Because we want you to wear these shirts year after year and to show the world that organic clothing can be affordable, comfortable, and instagramable. We figured if we can spread awareness and information about organic clothing to one person at a time, eventually we could have a big enough group of people to make it the trend everyone wants to be on and in turn help protect our earth, because at the end of the day. We Only Have One. Let's work towards a better earth. 


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